Tuesday, January 29, 2008

some things

First night in the new house. @ is happily tucked into a new bed. It isn't too hot I don't think.
Things we're doing today:
- sweeping and mopping a hundred times. Kitchen work isn't done.
- putting away clothes.
- washing clothes loving the washing machine.
- moving furniture all over.
- hooked up the internet.
- new shower put into the bathroom.
- washing dishes in my new sink. so happy.
- playing with @. Discovering new old toys.
- making beds and tearing off the plastic.
- cleaning out drawers and cabinets.

- clean out suitcases to pack for singapore.
- sweep and mop a hundred times.
- move in the kitchen, they should be mostly done by mid day.
- unload/ load fridge.
- read stove instructions
- call the water dispenser repair guy.
- measure for counters
- clean up the grown ups bedroom
- sweep and mop upstairs , first time
- hang clocks! this is a big deal.
- maybe make lunch or dinner in our own house with our own appliances.

I'm sure there is some other stuff.
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