Friday, February 01, 2008

not in sing

So yesterday we got to the airport on time about 5:00p.m. and the attendant told us at 6:00p.m. we'd know how delayed our plane would be. They were expecting 3 hours but it could be less. So we got our departure time for 9:00 p.m. and we started our sitting and waiting. Sadly the country's best bookstore closed around 7:00p.m. At 8:30 they corralled us all into the international gate. At 9:00 they posted a delay until 10:00 then at 9:30 they said 11:30. When no plane came at midnight I went in search of someone. I told her its no big deal if they can't fly tonight but just tell me now because we only live 5 minutes away and we'd like to sleep in our bed. I reminded her too that I have a small child and it would be better for him. She promised the flight wouldn't be cancelled and that they expected our plane to leave national capitol at 1:00a.m. So shouldn't have listened to this lady. Because then at 2:00 a.m. there was no plane and then at 3:30a.m while I was sleeping on the exec. lounge floor, Jonathan came in with a cancelled flight. So we collected our 2 checked bags and got home to wake up our house guard at 4:00a.m. We laid down on the king size right as call to prayer was starting! ERG! I guess they have a flight for us at 6:50p.m. today but I don't know if that is really true. Of course we could be headed to a minor show down with immigration because they stamped a plane-full of people out of the country and then they all walked right back in! No idea. It won't be bad, in fact they saved us a hotel night in singapore. but it also looks like we won't have time to do the aquarium this time. We'll be back in a month so we'll do it then. and I think my trip to Ikea is also off the table. Trip out to little India for shopping and food. Then some time at the Botanical Gardens. Its a let down because we've been looking forward to giving @ this special day at the aquarium. He deserves it. The boy ran laps until 10:00p.m. last night, just trying to stay awake. I was letting him stay up so he'd sleep on the flight but at 10ish it wasnt looking good so then I put him down in his stroller. Gone in 10 minutes, barely moved when we left the airport. Love that kid. I can't count how many times @ has slept in that stroller in his little life. So thankful for our king size bed. We all just rolled into bed on it last night and slept pretty soundly. Now we're kind of hanging out in the bedroom with the ac and some videos and toys.
I have a pic or two from the sleeping in the airport I'll post after a bit.
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