Sunday, June 22, 2008

day to day stuff

This last week has been full of odds and ends getting ready for the much anticipated arrival of my mom on 25 June. So I started painted and then had problems stopping. I painted our bedroom and hung curtains that were in our house in SL3, didn't realize they would fit our window until last week. I really should have hung them earlier because they make all the difference in the world. I painted @'s room and as he wasn't happy about Jon's color choice, we added green stripes to the blue paint. He likes the stripes but now want more, which sadly can't happen because it would probably make a person dizzy. More curtains coming to his room as soon as they get back from the shop. I've been so thankful that the curtains I bought for our windows in SL3 are working here too. @'s need to be cut and hemmed but then they'll be ready to go.

I took our borrowed truck into the shop for the rust repairs. I drove myself out and explained what needed to be done no problem. This is a point of some pride because sometimes I find my ability to explain mechanical things a little lacking.

I met with the pastor's wife from the church we have been attending. We had a nice visit. She's such a nice lady and a very encouraging spirit. I found a way to gently say that we can't come to church every week because we don't want to do permanent damage to our hearing. That's sounds wimpy but truly it is that loud. Attending church here is a little like sitting in the front room of a 80s metal band concert. No kidding. Jon wears ear plugs. I bought ear plugs but they are too big for my ears, so I try to slip cotton in without anyone noticing. We haven't found anything that really works for @ because he plays with the cotton. Sunday school isn't quite as loud but the kids are dismissed until after the blazing loud song service, which is where the bulk of the damage is done. Normally we come home feeling sick from the noise exposure. Sigh

Since school got out @ has been having a string of good days. We actually went to the grocery store together the other day and had a good time of it. The grocery store here is very similar to church, it is very high volume. Very High. So add volume to kids running careening through the aisles, trying to find the item you want, read the label on it, and manage your own child that doesn't understand why he isn't allowed to run through the store and its a stressful environment. Normally @ stays home but we were having such a good day I wondered how it would go. Better than expected.
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