Thursday, June 12, 2008

school report day

@ is officially done with school for this year and he sort of passed Playgroup (KB). For only being in class a month he did really well even in the teacher's estimation. He knows his vowels in the local language (which is really going to screw him up if we go back to american school). He can count to 10 in both languages and in english he is pretty goo to 20. He is beginning to know his colors in local language. He's also done a good job making friends from what his teacher said, and since that was the goal I'm feeling pretty happy about the whole thing. He starts school again in a month and they think he can move up to the next class as long as its really socialization that we are after. He doesn't meet their academic standard but they do seem to be ok with that at the moment. They'll keep instructing him in academics but they won't worry about his ability to perform. And he gets to stay with kids that are at his age level that he already knows, that was my most important thing. This experiment really is about him meeting friends and them getting use to his foriegn-ness and then learning language from him.

I'll post some end of the school year pics over at Not as Daily later today.
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