Monday, September 22, 2008

hit by a bus

Yeah, that's literally hit by a bus. We don't stand for figurative here at Curious Aside. Yesterday I was coming back from shopping at noon, on the north side of the bridge over the river going around the round-about, I was on the inside most lane and a bus side swiped me on the front quater panel of the passenger side of the truck. Mostly there is scraping to the bumper and some leading up to the tire. The tire is fine and I can't feel any denting. I made the bus pull over but the conductors got off (all 4 of them), looked at the truck and they were off. I told them I needed them to stay, I wanted a police report, I wanted to report the accident, They caused the accident they should have to pay for my repair. But they were off. I sat in the car for awhile feeling angry and sad. I tried to call Jonathan but my mobile wouldn't call out for some reason. A man from one of the auto shops came around to make sure I was ok. He offered to take me around to the police station. He was kind enough to stay while the police made a report and explained what he saw of the accident- not that he could really see anything because I was on the inside lane. I met the police chief and by some miracle she speaks terrific english. I was doing ok in our local language but I certainly faired a lot better and my nerves settled down quicker in english. She was very kind as was the auto shop worker. Turns out the Police chief and the Auto shop worker are from the same village out on the other side of the island.

Today I have to call the insurance company and I think I'll take a basket by the auto shop. I tried to give him a little tip yesterday but he wouldn't take money, which is very surprising. Little tips are very customary here.

So I was hit by a bus and thank the Maker I just got an upset stomach from the adrenaline rush of it all.
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