Thursday, October 09, 2008

I didn't trounce the Coles County Clerk in public.

Just in private. And she must have gotten wind that I was going to trounce her. Last night after being shut out of the 2nd debate by the people at CNN, I was thinking that I really should have probably gotten my absentee ballot by now. Its been 5 weeks at least and none of it a holiday in the states. I've been a little concerned that we would get our ballots at all because I know the Coles County Clerk is not particularly fond of college kids voting in her district when they don't actually live there, which is our case. We registered in Coles Country when our driver's license expired and we didn't change our registration before we left the states. So there it sits. Illinois is a great state to vote in because it is SOOO easy. If you have a driver's license, chances are you are registered to vote. The DMV registers you and I think you have maybe 1 extra form to sign but then you're done and it stays there as long as your driver's license is there.

Anyway today while Jonathan and I were reviewing what we had heard about the debate, I trounced a little on the Coles Country Clerk. And as I trounced her the motorcycle postman showed up and delivered 2 white envelopes from the Coles Country Clerk. And I had to eat my words because I was so surprised and thrilled. Jonathan is going to save his and show his students what a US ballot looks like. I'm trying to get him to do a seminar on voting and then for the show stopper the students get to watch us vote. He didn't seem really game on that idea but I'm persuasive.
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