Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Meal Plan

Monday noon Menu: Vietnamese Fried Rice, Corn on the Cob- More with Less
Tuesday noon Menu: Quesadillas- Sweet potato and Refried Beans (not together)
Wednesday noon Menu: Gado- Gado (local veg dish), Rice, Emping
Thursday Menu: Homemade Pizza on Zucchini Crust
Friday Menu: Vegetable Ragout with Zucchini Yeast Bread (from the crust the day before)-Moosewood
Menu: Herbed Brocolli Sandwich - Simply in Season
Menu: Ful, Pita, Egg, Feta (maybe but the Ful may go into the freezer depending on popular opinion. I made this awhile ago and have separated portions to eat at different meals but I don't know if we want it 2 weeks in a row)
Alternate Menu: Pasta Fagoli Soup (picked up from my friend Katie)

I ended up throwing a handfull of hamburger in the Fried Rice and I think I'll use the rest on the pizza. Jonathan may not take to Zucchini being not only the crust of the pizza but also a topping on the pizza:)

Cookbooks are over on the right.
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