Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meal Plan

Last week's plan was a complete bust- I think I made 3 of the meals that I had planned. This week though my allergy rash thing has cleared up considerably and I feel loads better. Already I have a good start on the plan. Anyway there is a lot of repeat from last week.

Monday noon- Bean & Veg Enchiladas - delicious
Monday pm - French Bread Sandwiches
Tuesday - Sweet & Sour Chicken
Wednesday noon- Pita Bread, Middle Eastern Salata, Feta Cheese, Hard Boiled Eggs
Wednesday pm - leftover enchiladas
Thursday noon- Curried Tuna & Veg, Naan
Friday noon- Roast Chicken Breast with Roasted Roots (sweet potato, onion, carrot, potato)
Alternates- Leftover Refried Beans & Veg Quessadillas
Pasta Fagoli Soup if it gets cool enough
Curried Veg Bisque from last weeks menu if it gets cool enough

I've been thinking on soups lately but its really hard to eat soup when its 90 in your house.
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