Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns


I've had the opportunity to read alot over the last week since the rains have started. When it rains the power goes off. Not a good idea to do a lot of washing, the electricity runs the pump to the roof. No pump, no water, best to use wisely. No cooking, need to open the fridge and expose the contents to 90F heat. We have camp lanterns, so we read until bed.

I finished The Kite Runner rather slowly. Not because it wasn't a great read but because its hurtful and I have a quota on hurtful so that I can get up and move around. A Thousand Splendid Suns was also on the shelf and who can resist that title? And its more hurtful than the first.

Afghanistan is full of hurts and when it comes to women and children well they're first in line. And so a story of girls abandoned, left destitute and sent away because of pride and honor. Girls orphaned and preyed upon by abusive opportunistic men in the name of pride and honor. Children exposed to sorrow beyond their years and understanding because of they should learn young. And as I'm reading this I'm reminded yet again that these women live in my neighborhood. I know, I see them. And, in truth, they live in yours too but they might not wear a headcovering. And I wonder who will come for them? Who will speak for them? Who reaches to them? Will they ever know healing and wholeness? And I sigh for them... and try for a patience to reach. Because that is the thing about hurt people, they cover with the only thing they have, an animal instinct to defend on some level. Who will go to reach for them and serve them and rescue them?

My friend Sister Abrah use to say "Hm, I wonder" with such a sense of the wonder and mystery.

So today I'm thinking of the enormity of voting again- it is the most powerful man in the world (whether or not you disagree with that assessment) and I get to choose who it is. I wonder at people with the capacity to get into the mileu of a situation admitting they aren't doing everything right but they are there and they are pounding their chest that the world would hear and come and do, not just try.

but yes, I wonder.
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