Tuesday, October 14, 2008

meal plans

Found Brocolli and Hard Rolls at the store finally this week. Finally things are beginning to get back to normal after the holiday.

Menu: Herbed Brocolli Sandwiches (moosewood)
Menu: Curried Vegetable Bisque
Menu: Bean & Veg Enchiladas (going to add zuchini and carrots)
Menu: Pasta Bean Casserole
Menu: Sweet & Sour Chicken

The Vegetable Ragout from Moosewood last week was out of this world. Jonathan liked and it had Zuchini. I ended up making it on Monday.

Also found a recipe for Singin' Hinnies over at the Moosewood website. Essentially they are griddle cakes but @ thought they were awesome because they have raisins.

Rains are beginning meaning soups and breads for all that cold weather (read 80 degrees).
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