Friday, November 14, 2008

handwriting websites

@'s school is all about teaching kids handwriting. They want them to start at 2-3 when they enter "playgroup" (KB is what its actually called). So @ is now in TK-A, the first level of kindergarten and he's just beginning writing. This is a problem for the school. Its been a point of some contention but the classroom teachers have been made to understand that we're americans and it may not be there way but its our way and we're well educated parents. So they've chilled out quite considerably. Only problem is that now we find @ wants to write. He wants to work hard and is willing to practice. So what's a trying hard not to be pushy mom to do. Start finding some better writing paper than the miserable homework photocopies the school is sending home. They are the pits! Way to small of boxes for a 4 yr old to write letters in, especially those that haven't learned size proportions yet. So I'm searching for writing paper.

I finally got a chance today to type in my google search: "handwriting paper kindergarten". All manner of websites come flocking to me!

This lady has nice multi-colored lines. I'm looking forward to using it to help @ distinguish top and bottom a little easier.

This site has thought about the size issue and put in letter spacing lines.

And as always the award winner in the search for organizing and all things paper goes to Donna Young. If you need to work up a way to organize some type of information, be it a list, a grade book, a chart, a spreadsheet, Donna Young is your GIRL! She's got it all, its free-ish for the taking. WONDERFUL.

I'm going to work on linking some of these homeschooly sites over on the right over the next week. If not for you, than for me. There's loads of stuff and I've been trying to wade through it all to see what I need to think about and where to begin when the inevitable happens. More on that later. For now, Go print some handwriting paper on the back of those Barnes and Noble invoices.
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