Wednesday, November 12, 2008

rainy season has arrived

I know because so have my allergies. I think the thing we've tracked down for sure is that I'm allergic to the months of October, November and to a lesser extent December here. So my drip is in full swing at present. Its survivable.

I also know its rainy season because I'm bumping down the road much more than before. Most of the roads in our neighborhood have been raised. Some just a few months ago, some a few years ago, but they are all a foot or more up from their previous level. When the guys come around to raise the road they pull up the cement curbs. Pull up the brick (most around here are brick). Smooth the road bed. Dump several truck of dirt or sand. Smooth the fill. A little more cementy sand. Then relay the old bricks and curbs. Its a quick process. But what we are learning is that the roads become washboards when the rains start. All of that new dirt and sand has to resettle. So I'm driving a little slower these days and trying to dodge the motorcycles dodging the puddles and pot holes.

Today as I was taking @ to school, I noticed a earthmoving shovel dredging out the canal on the artery road near our neighborhood. He was scooping out the huge amounts of oily, trashy filled debris that is the drainage canal. SO NASTY! But the yuck is all going on the curbs bordering the road. Nice. And you can imagine the smell. I scoop out the drainage canal in front of our house every so often and its filled with the same stuff. But without dredging it, the streets flood and the mosquitos breed. So we dredge. The good news is that, while it does set off my allergies, I can smell it.
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