Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meal Plan

Jonathan has decided Tempeh maybe his new friend. I've been digging around for Tempeh recipes and making some notes on adapting Tofu recipes (I'm not so much into tofu).

Monday pm: Homemade Pizza- I've been thinking about Chicago Style Pizza for a while.
Tuesday noon: picnic at the marina
Tuesday pm: Orange Pan Glazed Tempeh, Stirfry Glazed Veg, Rice
Menu: Pressure Cooker Thai Chicken,* Steamed Veg, Rice
Menu: Gado-Gado, Rice, Emping Crackers
Menu: Refried Bean Tacos, Salsa (I made extra refried beans a few weeks ago and stashed in the freezer)
Menu: BBQ Tempeh, Baked Potato

Alternates/ might be for the weekend
Menu: Beef Rendang (pressure cooker), Brown Rice, Greens
Menu: Indian Meatball, Naan, Veg

* I don't have a crock pot and it would be incredibly impractical here. Crock pots are wonderful but they are huge energy sucks (turn on a heating element for 7 hours? yeah, that's good for the electric bill). Pressure cooker works the same way but backwards. Its a time saver by way of speed cooking, rather than slow cooking. I have a natural gas stove. So, I could slow cook for 7 hours or pressure cook for 15 minutes. Gas is way cheaper than electric here so I get the same idea of easy cooking but with less expense.

From the Oven:
- More things with bananas- sigh...
- process pumpkin
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