Friday, February 06, 2009

first aid

I have a basic understanding of first aid. Over the years, I've taken a few different first aid classes and probably on and off had certification through Red Cross. But growing up we learned the basics. Things like apply pressure, wash thoroughly in soapy water before putting on antiseptic, then maybe a bandage. And so when @ gets the falls and bumps of childhood we know to apply ice for the swelling, elavate to slow bleeding. And when people come to work around our house we try to be cautious of them. If we see they're hurt or have a scrape we make sure they wash it up and we check back to make sure its healing, etc.

Today we had our houseworker's husband come and dismantle the overhang in our sideyard. He's been out of work for a few months and I thought that the morning of work and the opportunity at the scrap (easily sellable for recycling) would be a day of income he might wouldn't otherwise have. So this morning he came around with his neighbor who had a bike cart to dismantle the thing. As they were working with this rusty metal and scrap wood, they both got cuts. The first was just a simple cut on the finger. But the second was a good scrape of skin from the forearm. So after a little haranging at them, I sent them to wash it up WITH SOAP. Then I made them let me wash it out again with an antiseptic wipe, put some neosporin on it and wrap it with a band-aid. The whole time I'm doing this, they are watching wide eyed. They asked if we were doctors. Uh, no. No one has ever talked to them about first aid before. So as they left, I sent them band-aids and the tube of antiseptic and instructions on how to wash it twice a day WITH SOAP, dry it, put a little antiseptic on then a band-aid. He double checked the directions.

And so today, I'm thankful for first aid. I'm not like a nurse, I'm not even the first choice in most circumstances but I maybe the best choice for first aid on my street. So now I'm off to fill the first aid kit a little more thoroughly...
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