Monday, February 09, 2009

meal plan

This week is getting off to a bumpy start as the flooding that inundated our neighborhood was actually a city wide problem. Its hard to tell because our neighborhood is so low it floods easily but then seemed worse than normal. In fact it shut down the airport and the trains. I've been low on vegetables and when i got to the store yesterday they are low too. Hoping to go around this afternoon and find some veggies for our house. Thus the meal plan is sketchy because I don't know what will be available. What's worse is that I'm probably going to have this problem again in a few months because the crop in the field is certainly going to be underwater. Sigh... the problem with buying locally.

Monday noon: leftover Smothered pork, naan, leftover veg curry
Tuesday noon: Delicious chicken bits, leftover rice,
Wednesday: Stir Fry Tempeh, Rice (if I find veg)
Menu: BBQ Chicken
Menu: Tuna Tettrazini
Menu: Sloppy Joe, Fried Potatoes (the ones that send you into cardiac arrest)
Menu: Refried beans, fajita chicken Tacos

Food of love:
- Roast Pumpkin
- Brownies
- Fresh bread
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