Monday, May 18, 2009

Meal Plan

Still working out a diet that is high in iron but not always eating red meat. Thinking that means we're going to need to eat loads of kale (or more, I am going to need to eat loads of kale).

Monday noon: Refried Beans, Taco Meat, Tortillas, Carrots, Tomatoes
Monday pm: leftovers and sandwiches
Tuesday noon: Pasta Fagoli Soup, Garlic French Bread
Tuesday pm: refried Beans, Cheese Quessadillas
Wednesday noon: Gado- Gado, Rice, krupuk
Wednesday pm: hummus, hard rolls, tortillas, veg
Thursday noon: Guinness Beef Stew, French Bread
thursday pm: leftovers
Friday noon: Delicious chicken bits, Rice, cold veg (maybe picnic)
Friday pm: Panini's or leftovers

This week I'm going to try to make another brownie recipe. I've never found a homemade brownie recipe that turns out properly "fudgy" and gooey. Always seems like they are too cakelike. This week we're trying Chewy Chocolate Brownie Mix but without the mason jar mix part. Straight to the final product at my house.
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