Monday, June 29, 2009

when summer doesn't have an end point

Our weather is the same here everyday. Its hot and sunny. For a few months of the year we'll get rain but even then the sun shines most of the day. The sun comes up about 5:00a.m.. The sun goes down a little after 5:00p.m. We live just south of the equator.

Presently Jonathan is out of school and he doesn't have any clue of the timeline of when he might be able to officially return to work. 1. he doesn't know when classes will start again. 2. we don't have a visa presently allowing him to work even if they started tomorrow afternoon. 3. we have no timeline on when the paperwork will be ready for the work visa. So we're waiting.

@ is out of school. He's not returning to school when it starts again on 13 July. We're going to homeschool. I'm sure its the best arrangement for him and us as a family but I'm a little perplexed about when to start school again. He's ready to go tomorrow. Young children have no concept of this whole "summer vacation" concept and folks here only ever get 4 weeks of summer break at best. I have varying thoughts on when i'd like to start homeschooling and try to establish something of a daily schedule but i haven't had a chance to look at a calendar. I need to try to think about our schedule for the next year and things that i know are coming up but there are several things i don't know when to put on the calendar. - another trip out to singapore - jonathan restarting school - friends remodeling their house (they'll need us available for support) - 6 trips to the immigration office to start new paperwork . I'm not worried by those things much but they are in my head, in the background of what will be coming.

I've been missing Illinois a bit. I get a bit homesick in May and June each year. I have a deep felt need to see corn and soybean fields. Yes, crazy. But that is how I grew up. With farmers chewing their lip about spring planting. Their slight sense of relief when the planting was over. Their greater sense of relief when then rains let up and the crop started popping through the ground. 4th of July when for one day they didn't seem to worry as much about the crop. Their anxiousness come labor day to get to the harvest. My immediate family doesn't farm, has never farmed. But we've always had friends that relied on it. And it makes me feel from Illinois. Indeed, the word Illinois rings synonymous for me with farming.

So here we are with no seasons. In very much an inbetween season of our lives and there is no field of soybeans to look out on...sigh.
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