Monday, July 06, 2009

a return to meal planning

I've been meal planning but getting a chance to post has been beyond possible the last few weeks. We started hosting the interns and had a week of holiday english club. Once that was over the interns were in and out to a language tutor and we've been covering childcare for friends in the hospital this week. Needless to say more than a few meals of sandwiches- so much so I think last week we went through 5 loaves of bread (only about 12 slices of bread/ package).

This week is looking a little better.

Monday noon: Food Court- running errands for visas
Monday p.m.: Mexican Beans & Rice
Tuesday noon: Orik Arik, Rice, Tempeh Goreng (if my houseworker returns)
Tuesday p.m: hummus, Baba Ganoush, hard bread rolls
Wednesday: Kofta, Naan, Veg Curry
Thursday: Brocolli or Spinach Quiche (depending on what i find at the market)
Friday: Beef Rendang, Rice, Veg

I'd also like to do a little food of love this week, but I'm not sure how much I'll be in the kitchen. The last few weeks I've been trying to buy a little time to make more pancake mix and it hasn't happened so i don't know of if baking will be possible.
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