Thursday, July 23, 2009


I like flannel pajamas. I'm not picky about my flannel pajamas in general. I'll take shirt and pants or floor length nightgown. It was a point of some humor while I was in college that I still wore a floor length flannel nightgown to bed. It was very little house on the prairie, so much so that my friends borrowed it as part of their Ingalls family costume. My body temperature plummets at night and I'm always cold without flannel pajamas. Since moving here that hasn't been so much a problem because my city is a bit like living on the sun. Its silly hot, really all of the time. And then we add in humidity of living on the coast. Nice.

We have air conditioners in our rooms for sleeping. We turn them off during the day but it would be hard to sleep without an AC at night. Everyone has a magic number that they sleep at. @'s room we set at 25 C- something like 76F. We've tried to find the number for him that he can sleep but get too use too the cool. For us, we sleep at 23C (72F). We can sleep at 24 or 25 but I like to have a sheet. Jonathan sometimes still finds 23 isn't low enough for him. When we have guests that stay upstairs we encourage them to not set the AC any lower than 24. The guest room upstairs is well sealed and the room gets rather cold at 24. I should say our bedrooms downstairs are not well sealed. We have screen vents over the doors and our windows don't shut tight (wood and humidity don't mix) so we loose a bit more cool air. Our friends are 24s. We have some guests that have turned their AC down to 18C but they leave their bedroom door open too much.

Recently I wasn't sleeping well. I was rolling around at night. Pulling the blanket on and off. Too hot, too cold. And in evaluating my problem I realized my pajamas were the problem. Here I have never slept in flannel pajamas. Touching flannel is too hot. The thought of touching flannel is too hot. I sleep in a tank top and shorts. Maybe you've seen some pictures of me. My residual self image now only wears tank top and shorts. The lady who goes out of the house wears capri pants and t-shirts but the minute I return home I change back to tank top and shorts. But with the cold and hot problem I realized the problem was the pajamas. I tried out a shirt with short sleeves. Still too cool. And then I knew. It was time to get out the flannel pajama pants. I have adjusted to the climate here enough that 23 is cold. Jonathan is still the same and so we're keeping the temp at 23 but for me that means wearing flannel pajamas again.

I walked out of the bedroom the other morning in my flannel pajama pants. I made the coffee. Sat down at the computer. Realized I was warmish. Turned on the fan. Still not cool exactly. Realized still wearing flannel pajama pants. Changed in to tank top and shorts. Perfectly cool and lovely. Checked the house temp. 82F before humidity at 7a.m. Ahh, life on the sun...
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