Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meal Plan & a recipe

I've been meal planning over the last few weeks, just not taking the time to post. Thinking maybe it isn't "essential reading". But today I tried a new recipe and Jonathan said "you should post that on your blog." which i'm not entirely sure that means "This is AWESOME!" or "show my family how much I've grown in the vegetable eating department." Its a little of both. But now that some of the busy-ness of summer has passed I'm trying to make some deeper strides towards eating less meat again and cooking more breakfast.

Breakfast at our house is cereal 8 times out of 10. Personally I love cereal. American cereals more than the cereals here. There are only so many rice krispies and frosted flakes a person really needs to eat. And the chocolate cereals nearly turn my stomach here- something not right about the amount of choco they put on the Chocolate Krispies here. But cereal is expensive here- considering the price of other goods, and the size of the box. The most common box size is half the size of a stateside box of cereal. The three of us can easily eat a box maybe 1 1/2 in a morning. And for @ and I we're hungry again by 10:30. So I've been making a point of going through the cookbooks to find some things that would be good breakfasts for us. I normally try to make extra waffles to put in the freezer. Pancakes are just as easy to make fresh as to freeze in my estimation. Baked Oatmeal is going to be featured more often as in a Fruit Oven Pancake recipe I have from Simply in Season.

As for the meal plan:

Baked Oatmeal, Fruit Oven Pancake, Eggs & Toast, Pancakes, cereal in there once too

Lunch/ Dinner - we often eat our main meal of the day at noon
Monday noon: BBQ Chicken, Roasted Roots (potato, carrot, onion)
monday pm: Black Bean Sweet Potato Burrito
Tuesday noon: Tuna Burgers, Glazed Carrots, Applesauce
Menu: Veg Pizza (Garlic Butter, Brocolli, Onion, Cheese)
Menu: Tacos- refried beans, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa,
Menu: Indian Meatballs, Veg Curry, Naan

leftovers: beef rendang, rice, bbq chicken, burritos

and the recipe:
Black Bean Sweet Potato Burritos**
3 Cups diced, peeled Sweet Potatos
1/2 lg. onion- 2 smallish ones chopped

Saute in 1 Tb oil until tender, adding water, apple juice or bean broth to keep it from burning and sticking.

Add and cook until heated through:
2 C cooked beans (just whatever ones in your fridge)
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt

Divide bean mixture among tortillas. Sprinkle in whatever cheddar like cheese you have and roll up approximating a burrito shape. Place in a baking dish, spray with oil (very lightly but not at all necessary). Cover pan with foil, put in a 350/180/ #4 oven for 20ish minutes. Top with all kinds of wonderful burrito things, a nice quacamole if you have access to an avocado.

**I'm thinking of my friend Tanya who can sometimes find a sweet potato at her local market but would know that she had died and gone to heaven if she found an avocado.
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