Saturday, July 25, 2009

the goings on

-School has started for the kids around town again. All except my @. We're both eager to start school but we really can't start yet- not officially.

-We have guests who have had a baby-lots of back and forth to the hospital for me. They are thinking on leaving here around 15 August. Good and Bad. Good: they need to get home and settled. Bad: its been nice having them around. But everyone needs to get back to real life eventually.

-We have guests leaving on Tuesday- lots of good-byes and "one lasts" in store for the next few days.

-Jonathan has the mumps. Lots of wait in see with this one.

- I need to have a conversation with my houseworker about housework. I think I'd rather do the housework myself than have another conversation where she looks at me like I'm crazy. I think its her way of understanding my language but it doesn't make me feel smart or good.

-I'm reading a wonderful book Wild Swans. You should read this book. Its your responsibility as a world citizen. Go to the library now and get the book.

-I need to work up a budget for 2010. That has to happen this week but after the guests leave on Tuesday.

- My husband made a dentist appointment for me. My teeth aren't bothering me. I don't feel the need to go to the dentist. Especially on Monday. The day before the guests leave and he is supposed to go to see Harry Potter. He says I should have a check up. I don't really want a check up- I don't know what that means. When I go to the dentist they make my not hurting teeth, hurt.

-I need to buy replacement rechargeable batteries. I use them non-stop and the 10 I have presently all seem to be dying at the same time. Probably because I bought them all at the same time and thus they are all dying. With the power outages I find myself in more need of batteries.

-I'm really eager to start homeschooling. I have a schedule that says I don't need to start until 22 August but I think we'll start before. After I get things figured out...
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