Wednesday, August 05, 2009

first 3 days

We've finished our first 3 days of homeschooling and I kind of REALLY LOVE IT! Its 3 days. And they've been good easy days. And I know that there will be lots of hard, slogging through the mud kind of days. But the freedom of the thing just drives me wild. Its so great. We've started to already fall into what I'm guessing our schedule will look like. At least until Jonathan goes back to teaching.

6ish-I get a bike ride by myself (the last three days have had a delicious almost chill).
7ish- @ wakes, maybe a little before, maybe a little after
7 hour- we breakfast, get dressed, shower, make beds
8:15 ish- start the homeschool day at the project tab
  • Bible & Memory Verse (lots of singing)
  • History lesson- The Usborne Linked Children's Encyclopedia- potentially one of the coolest books in my house at the moment- go buy this book, even if you don't have kids.
  • Math - trying to work 2 sections from these opening units, they are a very beginner review
  • Phonic/Language Arts/Handwriting- Handwriting without Tears and Get Ready to Explode the Code (I'm loving the instruction in both)

11ish Stop for Lunch prep/ playing time

12 Lunch

12:30 Come back and hit Science, mostly using the Encyclopedia or a science experiment book

1:00 Explore Internet links to the history or science lesson

2:00 Resting/ alone play

We've been taking a mid morning recess break too. Some friends are getting ready to renovate house so we've gone down a few mornings to help move things around or tidy up. between 9:00 and 10:00 is normally a recess/ snack/ help friends break. But I love how fluid the day is. I'm not all hyped up on hitting every subject or every bit of the lesson plan laid out. We did the I Spy activity the lesson plan suggested for phonic in the grocery line the other day. Lot more /f/ words there. So far we've hit everything well without any pressure.

And @ has loved it. He's completely geared up every morning to start the day. He's not grumped once - and I know that won't last. He's taken to getting dressed without being asked so that he can be ready in his "homeschool uniform" and making his bed. We have never asked him to make his bed because he only has a fitted sheet on his bed. There isn't anything to "make". But he's asked for a sheet so that he can pull it up and "make the bed". And his stuffed animals now go in an interesting order.

Remind me when we're slogging sometime that the first 3 days were great.

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