Monday, August 03, 2009

Meal Plan

Homeschooling prep took priority over the weekend so meal planning didn't happen. Nor did a trip to the grocery on Monday. For some reason Jonathan thought it more valuable to take the car and spend the day running errands to get our visa to stay in the country where I buy the groceries. But that bought me some time to get a meal plan and a list ready to run to the market this morning.

I've been buying our veg and fruit from the traditional market over the last few weeks. Its saves somewhere in the ballpark of $3.00 and its much fresher. I also get the added benefit of being in the hood and riding my bike. I'm still making trips to the store for other things- milk, flour, sugar, etc.

Meal Plan
Monday noon: Mexican Rice and beans, leftover fried chicken cut up, homemade salsa
Monday pm: Leftover BBQ tempeh with bean and rice (wierd but it worked)
Tuesday noon: Spaghetti & Ground Chicken
Menu: Leftover frozen Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burritos, homemade salsa
Wednesday noon: Smothered Pork, Naan, Steamed Veg
Menu: Orik Arik, Rice, Tempeh Goreng
Menu: Meatloaf patties, green beans, mashed potatoes
Menu: BBQ Chicken, leftover mashed potatoes

The Smothered Pork is something I didn't get to last week. We had some friends that were leaving town so instead of making spaghetti last week I made Lasanga. I had the ingredients and a lasanga makes enough for the crowd (6 adults, 4kids). The lasanga was big enough for leftovers, thus no smothered pork. No matter, still have the ingredients for it too.

Love from the oven:
Butterscotch Bars
Cookies- of some type

Breakfast: May revert more back to cereal this week as we are trying to get a jump on homeschooling at 8ish. @ has also had a later wake up time the last few days, no idea why, but I have a strict policy of not waking up sleeping children.
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