Monday, August 10, 2009

Meal Plan 10-16 Aug

With the addition of homeschooling into the schedule, I think shopping may wait till Tuesdays. Monday I need to get a jump start on the week and the thing that takes precedence at the moment is homeschooling. But we are coming up to a crazy holiday season here so I think I'm going to try to stock up on some things. Next Monday is Independence Day here and then later that week the majority of the population will begin fasting for the month of Ramadan. Having Ramadan fall so early this year (normally it falls in September/ October) has sort of thrown off my thinking. Fasting month is a little like Christmas shopping in the west- only more on crack. Because everyone is shopping and everyone gets a bonus and everyone is travelling. Its pandemonium.

That's neither here nor there on the meal plan, just an insight.


Waffles, Eggs & Toast, Baked Oatmeal, Oven Pancake, Cereal, Sweet Potato Biscuits


Monday noon: Tuna Burgers, leftover mashed potatoes, glazed carrots

Monday p.m: Sweet & Sour chicken, rice, vegetable

Tuesday noon: Garbanzo & Veg Curry, Naan

Menu: Spinach & Cheese Pizza

Menu: Spinach Pastries, Upside Down Company Platter (from Extending the Table)

Menu: Veg Stir Fry, Pork Egg Rolls, Rice (I've never made egg rolls so we'll give it a try)

We have to get out to the fair one night this week too. Can't miss the State Fair- although it doesn't seem to promise much in the way of funnel cakes or lemon shakeups.

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