Sunday, August 02, 2009

homeschooling starts today

and have I mentioned I'm excited.

We're using Sonlight's Core K with the additions of Get Ready, Set and Go For the Code, and Singapore Math - Earlybird KA & KB. We're using Handwriting without Tears to correct some of the crazy handwriting instruction @ has had while in local school.

I'm not sure how the schedule of the day is going to shake out. This is kind of a crazy week in that we have to start application for a visa extension today. and in truth, the extension being granted isn't an absolute lock. We wouldn't be at all surprised if it wasn't granted. Which would mean homeschooling would get put on serious hold while we try to figure out where to go until our working visa comes through (promises, promises).

But I wanted to have a soft launch to homeschooling because there are some things we need to work on reviewing and getting ready for before we start into the full load of everyday. The handwriting and the phonics will need a little extra time because his instruction at local school may have only served to confuse him, especially when it comes to vowel sounds and vowel letter names.

Best get in gear if I'm really going to start the day.
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