Friday, August 14, 2009

how @ broke his arm

@ broke his arm Tuesday afternoon on his bike. Just after 4p.m. he fell on an uneven patch of street. He's fallen a million times before but this time he landed just right. We brought him inside and iced his arm for about half an hour and when jonathan checked on him again he let out a cry. We looked at his arm and it didn't look obviously broken but everytime we moved it he yelped. So we loaded into the car (water, snack, change of clothes, baby book, passports, extra money, bank cards, mosquito repellent, ice packs, pillow to prop his arm) and went around to RS Elizabeth. Went into ER and by time Jonathan had returned after parking the car we were going into exam. I got out the whole story in local language. They touched around on his arm and he didn't yelp but when they went to straighten it a bit he let out a cry and we went down the hall to x-ray (paying for the ER visit 1st- 35,000 = $3.50). Paid for the x-ray ($16.00) they let me go in with him and we talked about wearing the heavy smock. Shot 2 pics of his arm- sure enough a fracture of the right arm above the elbow. Back down to ER to have the dr. read the x-ray. Then to Orthopedics, after making another stop at the cashier for an appointment fee ($12.50). Upstairs orthopede looked at x-ray, wanted to cast and sling him for 2 weeks. Into exam room for the cast. Setting the bone again in the permanent splint got another YELP CRY! Then after it was wrapped and splinted we were fine. Got him in a sling- found one that fit and then back downstairs for another trip to the cashier ($38.50 for the splint, cast, sling) and we were free to go. So for something like $70, @ got some of the best care in town for a broken arm! Really thankful for how easy the whole hospital thing was.

He was a trooper the whole way. I had given him a bit of children's panadol before taking him to help take some of the edge off the ride and the jostling. He spoke politely to the ER nurses and told them without dramatics when it hurt and when it didn't- I was really impressed how well he handled the pain of having it moved. And Jonathan was able to tell him what was going to happen and what they were going to do.

Got home and he was so tired- after 8:00p.m. and no dinner and an irritating sling. He finally just started crying from sheer exhaustion. Jonathan washed him up, got him dressed for bed. I made him a sandwich but he wanted to lay down so we gave him some more children's panadol, said his prayer and turned off the light. He tapered off crying, laid still (he hasn't wanted to really move much since the break) and was off in 10 minutes to sleep. Having it be the right arm is really inconvenient for him because that's the side he sleeps on. He tossed and turned a good bit of the night but after the children’s motrin it seemed to settle down a bit.

Now 3 days on and its an inconvenience for him but overall the cast and sling don't seem to be much of a problem.
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