Thursday, February 14, 2008

Using Your Power

It sounds like Oprah, doesn't it? But I've been impressed by a few things over the last few hours. I saw that Ann Curry has been up to it again. Jonathan read me some details about Steven Spielberg (who's name I can't spell) giving a little to China. So I'm feeling encouraged.
I like when people begin to realize that they too have a little power. Ann Curry, from what I've derived, visited Africa and it stuck with her and she thinks about ways she can effect that situation. Steven Spielberg thought through his power and the power of China and decided maybe I can do something. My friend Tanya works in the Sudan. She has some power and is working with teachers to help them think through the best way to get a broken country's education system back online. My sister Gretchen and her family are working on adopting a little one from Ethiopia. They're going to use their power to make one little one's life a little better and probably a little longer. My mom works everyday with kids (& families) with real problems. Some days work isn't so good, but some days her power goes straight inside some family's ear and resonates with them and their family is a little happier and a little healthier. My friend Karen saw Ann Curry (which I didn't) the other night and said to herself, "How can I use my power?"

So the question today is: How can you use your power?
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