Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Brownie Reviews and a winner

I've tried two more brownie recipes over the last few weeks.

All Recipes Fudgy Brownies: In some respects, these are the clear winners. They get first prize if you're looking for a easy throw together with what you have in your cupboard brownie. I didn't make any substitutions here because I easily can find all of the ingredients- and for me that is a big deal. Translating ingredients and instructions is not my favorite thing. But by far, these are also the biggest loosers. They are simply NOT the fudgy brownie I'm looking for. If I'm looking for a brownie for non-westerners on the spur of a moment-I'll serve these. But for Americans, well Americans expect more from a "fudgy brownie" and they would be let down by this recipe. And my batch looked nothing like the batch in the All Recipes picture.

Annie's Eats- Chewy, Fudge, Triple Brownies- These are the winner so far. And after having made them they make up very similar to my friend Becky's brownies. These are a really lovely fudgy brownie. I wasn't able to make them precisely to Annie's Recipe. I can't figure out by reading the labels here the difference between Unsweetened Chocolate and Sweetened Chocolate. More than once I thought I was buying unsweetened, only to get it home and find that wasn't the case. So, instead of 5oz Semi Sweet and 2 oz Unsweet, I used 200g Sweetened Chocolate. I also cut the sugar to 1 Cup instead of 1 1/4Cup. My thought was that with the sweetened chocolate, less sugar might be a better thing. I don't know for sure but the end product was lovely. The main difference between Annie and Becky is that Becky doesn't use the cocoa powder. Becky's also makes a slightly thinner brownie in a 9x13 vs Annie's thicker brownie in an 8x8.

But as a side note, I think I'm going to ditch Smitten Kitchen's recipe until I can find Cake Flour (and work out what that means here). If I can find my substitution sheet, I may give it a try. Its just too hard standing in the store reading box labels from 3 different countries and neither english nor local language is the primary language on the box.

But the winner for the real deal in Fudgy Brownies is Annie's Eats- Chewy, Fudge, Triple Brownies
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